Naomi Pendergast is the most thorough, caring, expert trainer. She was able to balance my body and strengthen muscles that had been overlooked for decades of training. Suddenly I was walking differently and running better than ever. She always kept training interesting, fun and moving quickly, and created exercises tailored specifically for my body and its needs.  She has such a varied wealth of knowledge from triathlon training to dance to Pilates to weight training, and is able to cross-train between the various methods to help you best reach your goal.  Naomi is also really conscious of safety, and so I was able to make it through months of arduous training with no injuries at all. In fact, I got injured doing things on my own, and Naomi’s training helped heal me and prevent me from hurting myself when doing stunts by practicing the types of motions I’d be doing and strengthening the small supporting muscles of those particular actions.  Naomi is such an intelligent and curious and hardworking person, that she is constantly doing courses and research to learn new methods and new ways of dealing with specific challenges that come up in training.  I am in awe of Naomi’s training, and of her kind, gentle personality. She is a pleasure to be around, and on top of being so incredible at her job, she is a genuinely and deeply good human being.

Natalie Portman

I have worked with Naomi over the past 5 years as we have shared many clients together. She is able to adapt any session based on the clients individual needs and goals. She has a holistic approach to her sessions incorporating all forms of functional training. I have confidently sent patients to her including post surgery, chronic conditions and those who want to learn how to “move” better. I feel that my patients become more body aware after training with Naomi and have more confidence to participate in other types of physical activity.

Daniel Kerner

Director of ISO Physiotherapy in Bondi Junction

I feel more mobile and have definitely less pain. I enjoy doing the exercises because they don’t take up a lot of time and I can do them at my own pace. Naomi has broken down the exercises to their simplest form so the movements are very easy to follow. I realise how important it is to do the right movements so you can switch on the parts of your body that need strengthening for greater mobility and flexibility. I applaud all of you for setting up this program. You do a fantastic job and I appreciate you are always available to advise and answer questions.

Marilyn Wine

Build program

I have been working with Naomi for many years and she is simply the best around. Naomi provides a unique service that can bridge the gap between injured athlete to performance athlete through high level training techniques. I love Naomi’s online program as she provides something for everyone. Some people just need a short routine to maintain health, while others can go more in dept and work on some key areas or weakness or development. Naomi is a very knowledgeable, passionate trainer who gets results.

Daniel Moore

I find Naomi to be a very experienced and personable trainer – she has a natural and caring manner in how she runs her classes. One can tell how passionate and dedicated and genuine she is about the importance of body strength, mobility and wellbeing. She is very enthusiastic, very pleasant natured, full of energy and she motivates everyone to get the best out of her class. She creates a very positive and safe environment in her classes and makes it all look easy (when it’s the opposite!) The whole experience has been very positive. Naomi is an advocate for fitness training and provides a fantastic service to her clients. She has adapted the way she delivers her classes during these challenging few months and she’s successfully maintained her relationship with her clients through delivering classes to their own living rooms. Doing the classes has reminded me of how important it is to maintain our bodies, continuously nurture and strengthen them and how exercise is crucial for our physical and mental wellbeing. Thank you so much Naomi! I look forward to taking part in more of your virtual classes!

Ruth Peeters

Naomi is, by some margin, the most accomplished, knowledgeable and effective trainer I have worked with in more than 40 years of sport and training. As an active bloke in my mid 50’s who has had a 2-level spinal fusion and two subsequent microdiscectomies, my training and exercise today needs to be perfectly targeted if I’m going to keep doing the things I love – golf, skiing, walking and cycling. I couldn’t do any of it without Naomi. As a sports physician said to me a couple of years ago, “Keep seeing Naomi.” I intend to. You should too.

Justin Kirkwood

I have really enjoyed doing Naomi’s RPX Fitness online classes. I love the detail she goes into about the movements and muscles being used. Having done pilates in numerous places for many years I finally feel like I am learning so much about muscle engagement. I also love feeling like I’m progressing with each class getting just a little harder. Naomi’s delightfully calm presentation helps to keep me focussed and to enjoy the workouts.

Sue Murray