Naomi Pendergast


Naomi Pendergast

  • Bachelor of Dance
  • Victorian College of the Arts Diploma of Performing Arts
  • Dance World 301 Certificate IV
  • Personal Training Certificate IV
  • Pilates Training Polestar Studio Diploma Certification


Naomi has spent her entire working life dedicated to sports training and human movement, spending the first 26 years in dancing and athletics. At the age of 20 she decided to pursue her dancing career professionally, performing in a varety of shows around the world. Naomi returned after 5 years to pursue her love for teaching movement aimed at fitness and health.

After suffering a knee injury, Naomi was drawn into the world of Pilates where she discovered how it helps protect against injuries, but more importantly, enhanced her performance in other areas of her training.

Naomi joined forces with her business partner Thomas Roman to form the NeuroFitness brand in 2010 after they both realised their was a gap in the industry where proper education was needed to provide people with safe and effective training that lasted day to day outside of their care.

Naomi’s extensive background in sports training and human movement enables her to combine her skills to deliver an intensive and effective fitness program, that educates clients on recognising proper alignment, helping them gain movement perfection, fitness and performance. She works closely with many healthcare professionals such as Osteopaths and Physiotherapists to create personalised programs to bring her clients back to physical fitness and peak performance.

Naomi is an internationally certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer, educator, and triathlete. She continues to improve her skills in all areas to deliver personalised and professional programs.

Contact Info

Phone: 0434 081 052



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