Mila Nikiforova

Mila Nikiforova

Pilates Instructor

As a young woman in Russia, Mila excelled at figure skating and cross country skiing, instilling in her a passion for fitness and form in movement.

Mila went on to study civil engineering, working as a structural engineer in Adelaide and Sydney. After completing her Certificate IV in Fitness Instruction and Diploma in Pilates Instruction, Mila realised that the structure of the body is like any other: it’s only as strong as its weakest point. Therefore, fitness must always begin with a strong core.

Mila sees Pilates as the perfect way to build a strong core. With her personal training Mila aims to ensure her clients not only feel great, but look great as well.

  • BS. Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Pilates Training
  • Certificate IV Personal Training


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