Reformer is a safe, interesting and effective form of resistance training that achieves huge improvements in muscle tone and strength. Our programs mimic the way our bodies work and safely challenge your body in all types of movement.

Reformer studio training is great if you’re seeking:

  • an edge in sports performance
  • greater strength and efficient movement throughout your day
  • safe and effective rehabilitation

Our programs are designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Stretching and strengthening your spine’s stabilizing muscles – enabling you to stand tall with the correct posture

  • Strengthening your core – deep abdominal, spinal stabilizing and pelvic region muscles – meaning reduced pain in your lower back and pelvis, and improved posture and athletic performance

  • Greater pelvic and shoulder stabilization

  • More efficient use of muscles – you’ll become proficient at using only the muscles required for a particular movement, preventing unnecessary load or strain on other areas

  • Greater body awareness – reducing the likelihood of injuries and gaining better coordination.

Other Group Exercises We Offer Are:

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