Private Training

Private Training

Private training sessions, one-on-one or two-on-one, provide the best opportunity for you to achieve results safely and more efficiently. We utilise the RPX Training Method to assist the body in creating Correct movement patterns that strengthen the entire body in a coordinated and effective way. It utilises our understanding on how the brain works to acquire new movement and how we can prepare the body to better adapt to unforeseen forces placed upon it during performance.

This approach enables clients to understand over time where the movement is going wrong in their own body and how to competently correct the faulty patterns. The Method enables our movement instructors to integrate all types of fitness training into a seamless program that challenges both the mind and the body in a safe and productive way.

The goal of the program is never to reinforce poor recruitment patterns, especially when the body reaches fatigue. Rather, it is to pattern correct movement for the task required and to train the body to react in a way were it would efficiently adapt to new tasks presented.

If you’re new to our studio, we recommend a few private sessions to start with so we can better understand your needs. Once you’ve had a few private sessions, we thoroughly recommend partner training as a fun and efficient means of working out.

RPX Training Method

Creating an environment of trust, openness and understanding, our focus is on your education and training so that you are able to take responsibility for your own health and better understand how to create efficient movement.

We create a positively stressed environment to stimulate the brain to problem solve and create new neuro brain connections.

RPX Training Method Training
  • Creating efficient movement patterns that strengthen your entire body in a coordinated and effective way

  • Utilizing our understanding on how the brain works to acquire new movement and how we can prepare your body to better adapt to unforeseen forces placed upon it during performance

  • We use this method to take you from rehab and move you to a place of function. We then can use it to improve general fitness and finally to achieve athletic performance

  • We create a controlled environment where you learn to safely work out, using the correct muscle sequence and movement control with minimal amount of instruction

  • You are taught the purpose and intent of each exercise in order to have a clear understanding of how to achieve your goals of efficient pain free movement in everyday activities


To effectively assess movement, we study how

  • Posture
  • Fascia
  • Pain
  • Psychological fear of injury
  • Stress

can restrict the body’s ability to move efficiently thereby causing joint instability, and inefficient movement patterns resulting in poor balance and performance.


To begin making real changes in movement patterns, we draw on our understanding of

  • Motor Control
  • Slow Movement Eccentric Training
  • Balance Training
  • Sequential Training
  • Load, Range of Movement and TolerancePosture

It is the integration of all these concepts and types of training that will help facilitate new movement patterns.


Multiple Types of Training for Movement Adaptation

To successfully integrate a new skill into a  movement pattern, various types of challenges in different environments need to be made to insure total competency. Just doing the same movement all over again in the same environment doesn’t guarantee success. We draw on competency in areas of

  • Pilates Studio work
  • Incline training
  • Vertical Training
  • High Altitude Training
  • Suspension Training
  • Vibration Training
  • Balance Training
  • Other forms of training such as- kettle bells, BOSU, Sandbels, Yoga may also apply

One of the key aspects of the RPX Training Method is that it enables multiple disciplines of training to develop training motor control re-patterning into the body under one program.


Sports performance relates to the specific physical routines or procedures by one who is trained or highly skilled in physical activity.

Agility is the ability to change the body’s position and direction efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance. It is the skill that gives people the physical edge in their overall ability to perform is sport specific activities.

We work with our knowledge of

  • How to asses complex movement and identify compensation patterns that may affect high performance activities
  • How to create agility and training motor control re-patterning into the specific demands of sports performance
  • How to integrate multiple training environments into the movement pattern to facilitate further adaptation and control
  • Understand the limitations and potential for injury with high performance training and be able to recognise when to regress if client displays poor motor control.

The Tools We Use Are:

Your best fitness approach

Learn the correct movement and posture to achieve results whilst looking after your body

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