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At the RPX Fitness Studios we offer Private Training, Group Exercise, Martial Arts and our Practioners’ Services. Find more information below:


    Private training sessions, one-on-one or two-on-one, provide the best opportunity for you to achieve results safely and more efficiently. We utilise the RPX Fitness Method to assist the body in creating Correct movement patterns that strengthen the entire body in a coordinated and effective way. It utilises our understanding on how the brain works to acquire new movement and how we can prepare the body to better adapt to unforeseen forces placed upon it during performance.

    Our services include FitWall Training, Free Form, SandBell Training, ViPER Training.


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    We offer a number of small group classes. Our classes are perfect for those wanting a more affordable option to our private and duo training. Our company focus is on making real change in the body by training the brain, so to enter our classes you will need to have an introductory initial session, one follow up session, then one private session on the tool that you wish to use in your classes eg Reformer, SurfSet, Pilates Mat, or Rip60. This process is to ensure you get the most out of your classes with us.

    Our services include Reformer, Rip:60, SurfSet.


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    We offer the unique opportunity to study 1 on 1 with one of Sydney’s most respected Martial Artist. Private tuition provides students the opportunity to accelerate their learning and improve their skills. Our class is taught by senior instructors and conducted in a semi private class setting.

    Filming students will be used to facilitate the accelerated learning process.


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    Our practitioners offer services that will help restore your health and your general well being.

    Our services include Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.


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Exclusive for new clients of the RPX Fitness Studios

We are offering GAP FREE (after you use your private health card you don’t pay the remaining amount) Physical Screening Assessment by our in house physiotherapist, Daniel Kerner, who will liaise with the trainers for optimal movement gains, fitness, and strength.

Why choose a physical screen?

Physical Screening with our in-house physiotherapist provides you with a clear assessment before you start your program within the studio, with a base for measurable improvements as you progress through your training with us.

To book your screening

* Note: The initial screen is an assessment not a treatment. If you don’t have private health but would still like the initial screening the consultation $50.00 (equivalent of what the private health usually covers)

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Learn the correct movement and posture to achieve results whilst looking after your body