Career Opportunities

At RPX Fitness Studios, we offer Exercise physiologist’s and top Personal Trainers the opportunity to run their business out of our two exclusive studios in the eastern suburbs. By becoming part of our team, you learn to train clients using our unique RPX Fitness Method (the training of motor control repatterning). Our clients range from rehabilitation to sports performance. The focus of our work is to use a variety of training methods ranging from Pilates, Suspension, High Altitude, Vibration, Vertical, Surfset, and Incline Training to identify faulty movement patterns, and movement restrictions and then retrain the correct muscle activation and function by understanding how the brain learns new movement skills. We have created a broad network of affiliates from osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors, as well as, sports coaches, and triathlon clubs.

Upon joining the RPX Fitness team, we will provide a mentoring program that will teach you the RPX Fitness Method and how to utilise all the various pieces of equipment to provide a comprehensive training program that meets your client’s unique needs.

Trainers are required to have a current CPR and first aid certification. You must be a registered Fitness Professional with your own insurance, and a passion for developing a full time business (20 hours or more a week). All trainers receive monthly in-house education to further refine their skills as a movement expert and develop their marketing and business abilities.

Our goal is to help each trainer build a successful and thriving business, refine your skills, and to master our unique method of training. Your  success is our success!

If you would like more information please call or contact us below.