Don’t let your body get in the way of what you love

Most people see strength training as a means to get fit, and in some ways this is true, however I see training as a way to teach and prepare the body for life’s activities, so there is no hesitation or doubt that your body will perform as you need it to. Being a triathlete and avid adventure seeker, I live for those fun spontaneous moments when a friend calls me up for a last minute coastal run or if my family want to jump on the bikes and do a weekend cycle. If I had to hesitate before doing these because my body was feeling creaky, stiff, or sore, then I would be devastated.

For many, as we get older, that spontaneous decision to go for a run, walk with a friend, or simply play ball in the park with our kids becomes less and less achievable as those stiff joints start to seize up and the body takes control of the mind. The good news is this does not have to happen. Just recently one of my clients said to me:

“It was the greatest feeling to be able to go camping with my son on the weekend and sleep on an air bed without having to take pain killers for a week afterwards”

This is a perfect example of someone whose body was letting them down so they could not enjoy those simple life pleasures, but they were able to regain control and relive those special moments.

One of the first things I do when I work with people is find out what their reason for wanting to train is. Usually everyone says lose weight, get a six pack, or shape up. But when I dig deeper everyone has that one special thing they love whether it be triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, walking with a friend, or playing with their kids that is lacking in their life because of an achy, stiff body. What is yours?

The right kind of training provides a controlled environment where you can safely learn how to build new movement patterns, learn why your current patterns are not working for you, and learn how to feel when things are going right and when they are not. Then through consistency these movements will translate into your everyday life and sport as they become the new normal for your body, giving you the chance to take back the control and relive those childhood spontaneous decisions to be active and free!

So make sure when you are choosing your training you choose a training style and a teacher who is going to help you build strength and fitness without compromising technique, so your training improves your life!

Good luck!


Qualified Movement Specialist