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Are you sick of having a stiff back and tight hips? In this four week program, you will learn how to adopt healthy movement in your back and hips so you can move freely throughout your day without feeling tight and restricted.

Why I come up with this course?

Having worked in the industry for over two decades I have trained and rehabbed so many people back from injuries. For many of these people it was a back issue. I realised that most of these injuries could have been avoided if the client had a better understanding of good daily movement in their body. With our busy lives taking over as we age, family, work, and our social life to name a few, its easy to not notice the body is picking up bad habits and taking a back seat until its to late. Many of my clients will say ‘I noticed I was getting the odd niggle here and there but I just ignored it because I was to busy’.

Being an extremely busy person myself I understand the demands of life. Being a lover of adventure, exercise, and sport, I also know the absolute need for good movement to sustain this type of lifestyle. I designed this online course so busy people like yourself can achieve good movement again, enjoy life, all while juggling a busy and demanding weekly schedule.

Do you want to move better day to day, feel freedom in your stiff joints, so you can stay healthy and happier? then this course is for you!

In this program you will learn:

  • What could be contributing to your stiff back and tight hips
  • Exercise videos to release, activate, and strengthen the muscles needed to support good movement in your spine and hips
  • Video tutorials with tips and strategies to help you maintain good movement
  • Video tutorials with tips to help you make good movement a daily habit
  • Support from our team – we are here to answer any questions you may have during your program
  • Access to your program for 6 months


Take back control of your body today. It is time to feel good again!


With ongoing support from us throughout your program experience, you will be sure to get what you came for. Our goal is to help you learn how to move at your best and how to avoid the things in your life that are not benefiting your posture or movement.


Here is what some of our members have to say about training with RPX Fitness online

‘I have been working with Naomi for many years and she is simply the best around. Naomi provides a unique service that can bridge the gap between injured athletes to performance athlete through high level training techniques. I love Naomi’s online program as she provides something for everyone. Some people just need a short routine to maintain health, while others can go more in depth and work on some key areas or weakness or development. Naomi is a very knowledgeable, passionate trainer who gets results.’

Daniel Moore

(Coach and director of Moore performance triathlon)


“I feel more mobile and have definitely less pain. I enjoy doing the exercises because they don’t take up a lot of time and I can do them at my own pace. Naomi has broken down the exercises to their simplest form so the movements are very easy to follow. I realise how important it is to do the right movements so you can switch on the parts of your body that need strengthening for greater mobility and flexibility. I applaud all of you for setting up this program. You do a fantastic job and I appreciate you are always available to advise and answer questions.”

Marilyn Wine (Build program)


‘Naomi is, by some margin, the most accomplished, knowledgeable and effective trainer I have worked with in more than 40 years of sport and training. As an active bloke in my mid 50’s who has had a 2-level spinal fusion and two subsequent microdiscectomies, my training and exercises today need to be perfectly targeted if I’m going to keep doing the things I love – golf, skiing, walking and cycling. I couldn’t do any of it without Naomi. As a sports physician said to me a couple of years ago. “keep seeing Naomi”, I intend to, you should too.’

Justin Kirkwood (Boost program)


‘The Amplify program has exceeded my expectations. I am a keen runner and cyclist and I have been reaping the benefits of this program. The sessions are easy to follow and are very time friendly. I like that the workouts are challenging and I feel like I am getting a quality workout without worrying about time to complete it at the end of a busy day.

Naomi’s expertise is definitely being able to pinpoint my weaknesses, even via zoom sessions, explaining how to move correctly and what areas I need to work on to develop strength. I have noticed a big difference in my running and cycling technique. I am feeling stronger and more balanced, my “Niggles” have subsided and I am learning a lot about how my body moves. I am enjoying the fact I have found a program that I can be consistent with and reap the rewards, all under the guidance of an experienced trainer!’

Emma Hayes (Amplify program)




In this program, you will need: • A roller • A chair • A soft pilates ball or chi ball (20-22cm) • Gliding discs (or alternatively plastic plates) • A trigger point ball • A rolled-up towel • Light dumbbells