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As a triathlete, there are always so many components of training and life that we need to get right to avoid burnout, getting injured, and continuing our life as a triathlete.

Triathlon is an endurance sport that requires the body to perform at a high level for an extended period of time. During the triathlon season and lead-up to races, conditioning work should make up 90 percent of your training outside of your sport.

In this self-guided course, you will be taken through a series of exercises that focus on building your muscular endurance and enhancing your body’s ability to move and load correctly by using various exercises that improve your overall movement in your body.

What you get in this course:

• 3 carefully designed sessions each week to reset your body, and enhance your overall movement, muscular endurance, and mobility.

• Articles and research that will improve your knowledge of movement for your sport and enhance your performance

• Recovery tips to help your body maintain a high level of performance

• All you need to know to keep your body moving at its peak during training and racing

• Bonus sessions, a selection of some of the best post-ride exercises, run warm ups and pre-swim movements

• Bonus Strength exercises to work on during the off-season to maintain a strong foundation and stay ahead of the game

• 12 months of access so you can keep going back and perfecting your knowledge, your movement, and your strength

What will you need for this course?

• A keen and eager interest in wanting to learn how to move better

• A set of light, medium, and heavy weights

• A roller

• A soft ball or alternatively a pillow

• A power band or long theraband

• A yoga block or alternatively a stack of books

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Post run and ride stretches
Run and ride warm up
Swim pre and post sessions
Bonus sessions
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