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‘I feel more mobile and have definitely less pain. I enjoy doing the exercises because they don’t take up a lot of time and I can do them at my own pace. Naomi has broken down the exercises to their simplest form so the movements are very easy to follow. I realise how important it is to do the right movements so you can switch on the parts of your body that need strengthening for greater mobility and flexibility. I applaud all of you for setting up this program. Y”ou do a fantastic job and I appreciate you are always available to advise and answer questions.’

Marilyn Wine

Are you sick of your body letting you down? Do you want to learn how to take back command of your body so you can move at your best?

Life does a great job of distracting us from our health goals, pulling us in different directions such as work, being a parent, and other commitments that give us very little time to spend on ourselves so we can thrive physically day to day. This can be very frustrating if you are someone that has always enjoyed exercise and movement. When I first talk with my clients I get them to track back over the years to tell me about their movement.  Once they have thought about it many of them will say their physical decline started with a slight stiffness in their body, then it turned into a phew niggles, then an injury, then suddenly they found they had to avoid certain movements each day. For many, it feels like it happened all of a sudden but if you really thought about it you would probably find your body was giving you early warning signs.

Fitness and strength are a bi-product of moving well. If you try to get fit and strong when your body is not moving correctly it will more often than not end up in an injury. If you learn and understand how your body should move, and how your body should feel when it is moving correctly, then every time you do simple daily tasks you are reinforcing positive movements in your body. This means your day to day tasks become a positive form of exercise for you instead of exhausting and vulnerable movements.

Being a Build premium member you will learn how to get on top of your movement, health, and fitness without having to travel to a gym or training studio.  The program provides you with premium training sessions designed by myself, and you get the added bonus of a private online training session with me once a month to assess, do goal setting, teach and revise movements, and listen to what you want and need in your training. This is why we start your training with an online assessment, This gives us a clear idea if we have a program that is a good fit for you.

If you want to know more about becoming a Build premium member then please send me a message.

We start with an online 45 minute private assessment to:

  • Understand your movement goals
  • Understand your movement and injury history
  • Assess your movement patterns and assist you to understand what is not serving you well
  • Teach you how to correctly set up for various exercises so you can get maximum benefits from your training
  • Selection of daily exercises from the member’s resource library which is chosen based on your assessment outcomes, This is to assist your individual movement needs and enhance your performance outcomes.

We set up an online private training catch up once a month to follow your progress, keep you motivated, and keep a check on your technique. All this is included in the price!

Why do we do an assessment?

If you are not assessing movement then you are guessing. For us to understand if we have a program that will suit your needs we must do an assessment. The assessment also creates a benchmark for us to work from so we have measurable results each time we meet and reassess. We want you to succeed in your steps to becoming stronger, fitter and healthier. The only way we can get you there is to get a clear understanding of you and your specific health and fitness needs.

Who is the right person to become a Build premium member?

• Someone that wants to learn how to be a better mover

• Someone that struggles with stiffness and tightness in the body ( I communicate with your health practitioner if you struggle with reoccurring injuries so your treatment and training is aligned)

• Someone that is self-motivated

• Someone with an eagerness to learn

Who is not the right person to become a Build premium member?

• Someone that has serious health conditions

• Someone who is experiencing acute pain

• Someone who is unmotivated and needs to be constantly hassled to do their training

• Someone that has had a recent operation

If this is you then you may benefit from my private training option.

Book here for a FREE 15-minute chat if you want to discuss which programs or training are right for you.


  • A mat
  • Dumbbells
  • A foam roller or alternatively a  rolled up towel
  • Yoga block – or alternatively a thick book 3 inches
  • Swiss ball (not introduced for the first 6 weeks)
  • Sliding discs (not introduced for the first 8 weeks)
  • Power bands (not introduced until 10 weeks)

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