Director of RPX Fitness

Naomi Pendergast

From a young age, Naomi showed a passion for movement and athletic pursuits. The first half of her life was dedicated to dancing, seeing her work professionally in Europe for 6 years. She has owned and run training studios, worked as a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and movement coach for nearly 20 years. Being an avid athlete that has a keen interest in triathlon, she understands the demands of the sport and how tough it can be to fit in the training required to be race-ready while working 9-5 and dealing with life’s commitments. From this, RPX Fitness Online was born.

In recent years Naomi has had the opportunity to work with a number of movie stars helping them gain physical fitness, strength, and agility for their role.

Naomi is passionate about teaching people to change how they move to create a strong and resilient physique and a life of healthy movement.

We believe good movement is essential

Good movement is essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced muscular structure in the body. Very commonly healthy, fit people end up with unwanted injuries that could have been prevented through understanding how their body moves, how it should move, and how to move it safely. Most people seek out a trainer for a strength program, or for weight loss. At RPX our first and foremost goal is injury reduction and prevention by teaching you how to train yourself correctly. This is done by passing on over two decades of movement technique and specific training cues to each person so you can learn how to identify poor movement in your body, train yourself correctly by knowing which exercises are right for your body, and improve your daily movement and performance for a long life of good movement.

We strive for each member that joins the RPX family to

  • Learn

    How to identify good movement in your own body and understand how to take that information and replace faulty postural patterns with correct alignment and movement efficiency

  • Move

    Learn how to move well and load your body safely for optimal. training benefits.

  • Train

    Learn how to recognise when to train slow, when to train hard, and when to rest your body.


  • Perform

    Everyone has performance goals whether it be getting through a whole day without stiffening up, being able to play a game of footy with your kids or to be able to perform optimally in your sport. We teach you how to implement what you learn in our program into your daily lives and to reach your performance goals for long lasting effects