About us

Who We Are

Welcome to the RPX Fitness Studios. We are a facility that teaches people the psychology of movement by utilizing the RPX Training Method (the training of motor control repatterning) to treat clients from rehab through to sports performance.

We believe that movement is a form of expression and the more confident you feel in the way you move, the more confident you will feel in your everyday tasks, whether it be completing daily chores, social activities, or sporting performance goals. Our Job is to teach you how do move correctly outside of our care by giving you the tools to understand and correct what is going on in your own body.

What is the psychology of movement?

The psychology of movement is about creating a client-centered environment where each individual, no matter what level, feels safe and secure in the learning environment to start their journey into changing and understanding their faulty movement patterns. Each session is built on positive reinforcements, so you can walk out of each session feeling you have achieved good movement and learnt something new about your body.

What is the RPX Training Method (the training of motor control repatterning)?

We utilize the RPX Training Method within our client-centered environment to teach effective exercises by using multiple environments to stimulate the brain and body connection. The Method also gives you something new each time you come into train, making the session’s fun and full of variety.

We use 4 simple steps in our method to teach correct movement patterns:

  • Assess
  • Correct
  • Perfect
  • Perform

These four steps allow us to make sure you understand and can complete the movement before progressing onto a more complex exercise.

How long is each session?

Each session is 1 hour. Please print out and fill in the release form attached. You will need to bring it into your initial session so your trainer can sit down and go over the form with you.

You will need to bring to each session:

  • Your sneakers or good walking shoes as each session has some gait analysis. Please wear comfy training clothes that you can move easily in.
  • A water bottle. We sell water for $1.00 if you wish to purchase it here
  • A towel to wipe down.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

The RPX Fitness team!



Our Studios

At the RPX Fitness Studios we specialise in individual and duo training. We also offer small group classes of 6 in our Randwick studio.

We are a functional training company that is committed to identifying the best teaching methods to enable clients to achieve their fitness goals. Our unique facilities incorporate a multitude of training environments such as, Pilates reformers, Suspension training, SurfSet, Mat work, and Incline training,  that focus on creating real change in a client’s movement performance. Our trainers use the RPX Training Method to create lasting change that enhances efficient movement and performance.

Our Dedicated Team

Thomas Roman

Tom has over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry, having taught everything from Step, Pump and Aerobics, to Pilates group classes. He has operated a successful personal training business...

Naomi Pendergast

Naomi has spent her entire working life dedicated to sports training and human movement, spending the first 26 years in dancing and athletics. At the age of 20 she decided to pursue...

Juliana Gamboa

Juliana has 10 years of experience in human movement and holds a bachelor degree of physiotherapy from the Rosary University in Colombia...

Marie-Christine Thibaudeau

Marie is originally from Quebec, Canada and has been in the health and wellness industry for the past 5 years...

Alex Kovats

Currently a personal trainer and 3rd year Exercise Physiologist at UNSW, Alex has a background in remedial massage therapy mixed with exercise prescription...

Mila Nikiforova

As a young woman in Russia, Mila excelled at figure skating and cross country skiing, instilling in her a passion for fitness and form in movement...

Yasmin Favretti

Yasmin is passionate about supporting clients with joint pain and musculoskeletal injury to achieve optimal physical function and works closely with Physiotherapists and other allied health practitioners to progress client’s rehabilitation.

Jonathan Moddel

Jonathan is a keen sportsman with a love of rugby league and rugby union. He has also played tennis for many years and follows the professional tennis circuit. Jonathan’s interest in movement, exercise and general health led him to obtaining his Certificate III and IV in Fitness and Personal Training.

What our clients Say

Tom’s skill at combining cardio and strength based exercises means you always work up a sweat and definitely feel the results in the days that follow. He continually adds new techniques to my sessions to challenge the status quo.

Bill Findlay


Naomi never fails to immediately see your areas of weakness and come up with different ways each week to strengthen them. She works you hard and keeps you motivated to come back for more.

Belinda Findlay


I have been training with Tom and his colleagues for over 20 years, the last 15 being Pilates/Functional movement training. Not only has it helped me personally, but I have incorporated knowledge I have gained from Tom into my medical practice, which is predominately musculoskeletal medicine. Tom is always on the lookout for new ways to constantly improve what he and his staff are doing, be that new techniques or the latest equipment. His functional movement training, fixing abnormal movement patterns and incorporating what we know about neuroplasticity are exciting to be involved with, both from a client as well as a practitioners viewpoint.

Dr Greg Cameron