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Naomi Pendergast is the most thorough, caring, expert trainer. She was able to balance my body and strengthen muscles that had been overlooked for decades of training. Suddenly I was walking differently and running better than ever. She always kept training interesting, fun and moving quickly, and created exercises tailored specifically for my body and its needs.  She has such a varied wealth of knowledge from triathlon training to dance to Pilates to weight training, and is able to cross-train between the various methods to help you best reach your goal.  Naomi is also really conscious of safety, and so I was able to make it through months of arduous training with no injuries at all. In fact, I got injured doing things on my own, and Naomi's training helped heal me and prevent me from hurting myself when doing stunts by practicing the types of motions I'd be doing and strengthening the small supporting muscles of those particular actions.  Naomi is such an intelligent and curious and hardworking person, that she is constantly doing courses and research to learn new methods and new ways of dealing with specific challenges that come up in training.  I am in awe of Naomi's training, and of her kind, gentle personality. She is a pleasure to be around, and on top of being so incredible at her job, she is a genuinely and deeply good human being.

Natalie Portman

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Naomi is passionate about teaching people to change how they move.

Create a strong and resilient physique and a life of healthy movement.

From a young age, Naomi showed a passion for movement and athletic pursuits. The first half of her life was dedicated to dancing, seeing her work professionally in Europe for 6 years. She has owned and run training studios, worked as a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and movement coach for nearly 20 years.

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